How Are We Performing?

We committed to providing an excellent service to all our tenants, applicants and homeowners.


We engage through surveys and newsletters, and more actively  with focus groups and day to day contacts. Every three years we carry out an independent survey of tenants’ views. These have all confirmed excellent satisfaction levels. They show that our tenants overwhelmingly see being with Ayrshire Housing as a positive choice.

An independent scrutiny panel of tenants challenges us to still further improve our services. We also commission regular independent surveys of tenants’ views.

Each year all our tenants get a comprehensive report on how we are doing against the Scottish Social Housing Charter. The Charter sets out what the Scottish Parliament expects of us. We prepare each report with our tenants focus group so that it covers the issues that are important to them. You can see the latest report below. It shows that our performance is excellent when compared with our peers. You can also see previous reports here.


The Scottish Housing Regulator’s own assessment of how we do is in their Landlord Report on us.  Here is their handy tool to compare our performance against any housing association in Scotland. You can also see what they think of our general performance and strength in their Engagement Plan.

If as a tenant or group of tenants, you think that our services are routinely below par or that our performance report to you isn’t accurate, you can go direct to the Scottish Housing Regulator. Before you do so please read their leaflet on significant performance failures.