Our People

Our volunteer Board and senior staff

Georgina is a student and carer. First joined the Board in 2014.
Georgina Dawson
Tenant member
Pauline is a school dinner lady. She is involved with her Community Council in its many campaigns. First joined the Board in 2017
Pauline Elliot
Tenant member
Kenny is a retired community worker. First joined the Board in 2016.
Kenny George
Tenant member
Now enjoying retirement, Frances was a regional manager for an international retail company. First joined the Board in 2012.
Frances Maguire
Tenant member
Susi formerly worked for the AA and is currently a school crossing attendant. First joined the Board in 2016.
Susi Williamson
Tenant member
Gemma is a trained Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Deal Adviser. She also has a keen interest in community development and training initiatives. First joined the Board in 2017
Gemma Collins
Community member
Rhonda works in adult education. She is currently seconded to Education Scotland from South Ayrshire Council.First joined the Board in 2009.
Rhonda Leith
Community member - Chair
Simon is a Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the University of Strathclyde. He previously worked for the Energy Agency in Ayr. First joined the Board in 2015.
Simon Leslie
Community member
Robert is Professor Emeritus of Government and Public Policy at the University of the West of Scotland. First joined the Board in 2017.
Robert Pyper
Community member
Mike is a retired town planner with 30 years’ experience in the housebuilding industry. He is the vice-chair of Prestwick North Community Council. First joined the Board in 2017
Mike Tomlinson
Community member
Jim has over 35 years experience in housing development, policy and general management.
Jim Whiston
David has led on all our housing and repairs services since 2003. He joined us from Carrick Housing Association. He also has extensive Council experience latterly with North Ayrshire Council.
David McGivern
Head of Housing Services
Alan joined us in 2003. He previously worked for associations both in England and Scotland and for Scottish Homes.
Alan Park
Head of Finance