You can apply for a move to another one of our houses. We will try and assist if your present home does not meet your housing needs; for example, if you need a larger house due to overcrowding, or if you need a different type of house due to a medical condition.

There may also be other reasons for wanting to move, such as to be closer to work, or to receive or provide support from or to a relative.

You can telephone, write, e-mail or call into our office to get an application form or you can simply download one below. Perhaps more conveniently, you can now apply online. Irrespective how you wish to apply, we will be delighted to provide assistance.

Available forms:

We may turn down your request for a transfer if you owe us more than one month’s rent or if a Notice of Intention to Raise Proceedings has been served relating to you breaking any tenancy condition.

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