2005 Pet Competition

25th June 2005


Against stiff competition, Dalmilling tenant Sooty has been judged this year’s winner. She was magnanimous enough though to share her winning blue rosette and prize with her human companion, Paul.

A further 9 cats and..err.. dogs received commendation rosettes, including Ballantrae residents Misty and Sandy.

The competition was organised by Ayrshire Housing staff member, Keanu. To counter any feline bias, Communities Scotland accountant and Crufts exhibitor Pauline Douglas acted as independent adjudicator.

All about Keanu


We are pleased to announce the appointment of Keanu as our new pet access advisor. He will ensure that all our practices are suitably attuned to the needs of our non-human residents. You can see him here reviewing the article for the newsletter for this competition.

Contact him at Keanu@ayrshirehousing.org.uk or write to Keanu, Ayrshire Housing, 119 Main Street, Ayr, KA8 8BX.