2007 Garden Competition Winners!

5th December 2007


Our competition goes from strength to strength with excellent entries in all the categories. It is particular good to see how some of the more established gardens are still the subject of continued development.

Joint Winners

Mr Gibson, South Harbour Street, Ayr

The McLarty family, Ballantrae


Mrs Blane, Glenhead, Coylton

Mrs Boyd, Victory Crescent, Dailly

Miss Tyson, Orchard Place, Ayr

Best New Garden

Ms Hobbs, St Andrew’s Court, Girvan

Best Close

Mr McPherson, Crown Square, Newton on Ayr

Best Containers

Mrs Maddox, South Harbour Street, Ayr

Miss McIntyre, South Harbour Street, Ayr

Mrs Slater, South Harbour Street, Ayr

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