Firm Foundations

24th January 2008


The Scottish Government’s discussion document sets out its agenda for the country’s housing and communities.

Ayrshire Housing’s Board considered its response to the document at its meeting yesterday evening. It welcomed the Government’s recognition of the work of housing associations and the value of affordable rented housing for many. It shares the concern, however, of the Chartered Institute of Housing, the SFHA and Shelter Scotland that the Government has not set out a target for new affordable rented housing.

It supported the proposals to restrict further the right to buy but felt that this should be extended to all new lets.

The Board recognised the need for housing associations to demonstrate genuine effectiveness. It considered however that the proposals to introduce direct competition for new build grants could undermine the links between associations and their communities which have underpinned much of their success. The Board suggested that in Ayrshire the Government’s objectives could be met by facilitating improved partnerships between the local authorities and locally based housing associations. It agreed to explore collaboration with the other housing associations in Ayrshire and with the Councils where this furthered its own objectives.

You can read Firm Foundations (pdf) here as well as Ayrshire Housing’s response (pdf).