What do you think?

6th February 2008


We hope that you find our revamped website both interesting and helpful. There are a number of innovations, in particular our online application form and, of course, this blog. We have also upgraded our online mutual exchange register and added a blog feed. All of these features are probably firsts for a Scottish housing association. We have also carried over some cutting edge accessibility features from the old site – text only Betsie and Say-it!. The latter will read you the site’s text in a rather posh Edinburgh accent without the need for plug-in software!

Tell us what you think especially if you spot errors or have suggestions for further improvement.

Look out for the launch of Ayrshire Initiatives‘ much improved site over the next few weeks.

The site has been developed by Shoestring Design and is maintained in-house using WordPress. Alongside this development, we are now using the collaborative Basecamp to ensure fully inter-active communication amongst all the volunteer Board members and employees of the Ayrshire Housing group. We also intend to pilot Basecamp to further enhance collaboration in our procurement teams.