Energy Efficient Housing at Maidens

24th January 2009


Work has just started on 7 energy efficient houses at Maidens.  These are due to be completed at the end of the summer by Prestwick contractor Ashleigh (Scotland) Ltd. The architect is ARP Lorimer and Associates based in Ayr.

The following “life time” houses will be available:

  • 3 no, 4 apartment, 6 person houses (one to wheelchair standard)
  • 4 no, 3 apartment, 4 person houses

4 of the houses will be fitted with air source heat recovery systems and the remaining 3 will have solar hot water collectors and positive input ventilation. These measures will guarantee low heating costs and excellent air quality and offset the relience on electricity for heating.  Maidens has no mains gas supply.

These measures together with designs aimed at meeting a range of needs have been made possible by generous support from South Ayrshire Council’s second homes tax fund and the Scottish Community and Householder Renewables Fund. They have augmented the Scottish Government’s grant input which was restricted to their “efficiency” limit despite the small size of the project.

The scheme was originally designed for 8 houses but this was reduced to 7 following discussions with the planners.

Here is what the scheme will look like.

You can see the original scheme in this earlier post.