School pupils unveil their designs for new railings

25th June 2010


Today, Ayrshire Housing  held a well attended open day to thank the Primary 7 Children of Braehead Primary School for their contribution in designing the railings in a new open space. This is part of a £13 million regeneration project which has just been completed in Ayr’s Lochside neighbourhood.

Ayrshire Housing’s Margaret Woods gave a special thank you to the Primary 7 children for their hard work during their art class for drawing their designs which were then sent to RJC Fabrications who transformed their fabulous designs into the railings on display in the open area.

Margaret highlighted that last year’s Primary 7 children designed the Site Safety Posters when the development was under construction. Next year’s Primary 7 will plant flowers in a planter and help maintain some of the planters in the area to keep them looking beautiful for all to enjoy.

On behalf of Ayrshire Housing, Margaret thanked Jamie Houston the children’s teacher and Nan Campbell, Assistant Head Teacher at Braehead Primary School for all their help and continuing contributions.  She also thanked The New Lochside Tenants and Residents Association, Wilma Howie of Aspire2gether, Liz Robertson of Lochside Youth Initiative, Nick Coombey the landscape Architect, Ashleigh and all of the landscaping sub-contractors involved who have put a lot of hard work and effort into the transformation of these open areas which will be of benefit to the whole of the Lochside Community.

The creation of 100 new houses for rent has been supported the Scottish Government and South Ayrshire Council. The Council is currently caring out complementary improvement works in the surrounding area. Lochside People and Place – an extensive programme of community engagement, arts and youth projects has been made possible by funding from Ayrshire Housing, the Government and South Ayrshire Council. Further events including a revived gala are planned over the coming months by the project’s manager, Aspire2gether.