Provost Sloan welcomes new Tarbolton tenants

17th May 2011


Councillor Winnie Sloan, Provost of South Ayrshire Council has opened another new development by Ayrshire Housing in the village of Tarbolton.

Provost Sloan said “I’m proud have served on the Board of Ayrshire Housing and indeed to help establish it. It’s especially good to see locally based companies working together – something that should be encouraged wherever possible”. The project is a partnership between Ayrshire Housing and the Ayrshire housebuilder, Hope Homes. The design is by Ayr based Lawrence McPherson Associates – meeting Ayrshire Housing’s own requirements whilst being integrated with Hope Homes’ overall planning scheme.

Winnie Sloan was delighted to welcome 18 year old Ashleigh Ellis to her new home. Ashleigh benefits from a specially adapted house with space for her carers to assist her.

Ayrshire Housing’s Jim Whiston said “We must thank the Scottish Government for its financial support for this project. It is disappointing though that in practice the SNP government seems to be now undermining the prospects for schemes such as this which meet the wider needs of communities with its latest plans for housing investment”.

The development has been made possible by South Ayrshire Council’s affordable housing policy. This requires most new housing developments to incorporate affordable housing.

18 four person and 12 six person houses have been built for let. 4 of the six person houses are especially suited to wheelchair users.

Ayrshire Housing’s development cost £4 million. This investment was made possible by a Scottish Government Grant of £2.3 million. In addition, South Ayrshire Council made available a grant of £80,000 which allowed four of the houses to be built to wheelchair standards.

The development was launched last July by Alex Neil MSP, the then Scottish Government housing minister.