Text Messaging – Exciting New Development for Ayrshire Housing Tenants

14th October 2011


We are always looking for ways we can improve the efficiency of our services and how we communicate with you can impact on how effective our services can be. There are a number of ways that we currently use to either contact you direct or to provide more general information and advice.

Whether it is through letters, telephone calls, home visits or our website we try to ensure that the most effective and appropriate method is used to contact you. We are now looking to introduce another way of communicating with you.

A significant number of tenants now use mobile phones either to supplement their use of landline telephones or as an alternative to actually having a landline. We are seeing elsewhere an increase in the use of mobile phone text messaging to contact and communicate with tenants. Experience elsewhere suggests that this is proving to be an extremely cost effective way of contacting tenants.

We have been given the opportunity to pilot this method of communication for a two month period. We will then take a view as to whether to purchase the appropriate IT software for us to use permanently. During the pilot scheme we will use the text messaging to communicate information regarding gas servicing details and appointments. If the pilot proves successful we will then consider extending the text messaging to cover other areas such repairs and rents.

Having up to date details of your mobile phone numbers and also email addresses is vital to the effectiveness of this and without these we will not be able to provide these improvements to our methods of delivering these services. Our staff will be asking you for these details before and during the pilot to allow us to be able to contact as many of you as possible using this new method. We would be extremely grateful for your help and co-operation by providing these numbers and email details when requested.

You can quickly, and easily update your details online by clicking here.