Views sought on next year’s rent increase

2nd December 2011


We  are consulting with our tenants on a below inflation rent increase to apply from next April.

Paul Torrance, the association’s Chair says “we’re aware that most of our tenants are facing real pressure in terms of living standards. For people on modest wages, the costs of essentials are probably rising at twice the Government’s inflation figures. So we have looked long and hard at pegging back the suggested rent increase whilst still being able to guarantee a quality service. We are now inviting comments from our tenants on an average increase of £3 a week. At 4.4%, this is 1% less than the Retail Price Index at the moment. RPI is normally what housing providers take as their starting point for rent increases. Locally,  South Ayrshire Council has recently chosen to increase its rents by 5.2%. We will take full account of every tenant’s view before we finalise the new rent level at our Board meeting in February”

We would welcome your comments here or, if you prefer, e-mail Paul.