Invitation to General Meeting

16th December 2011


Our members are invited to attend an Extraordinary General Meeting which will take place at 5pm on Wednesday 25 January 2012 in our offices at 119 Main Street, Ayr. Notice has also been sent to all by way of the latest newsletter.

A special resolution to make changes to our Articles (our “rule book”) will be voted on.

We are proposing a change in our articles to accommodate a request from South Ayrshire Council to reduce Board representation from 5 to 3. The proposed new articles, which show the changes from the currently endorsed articles in blue are available below. The only  substantive changes are articles no 42 and 43 which deal with the reduction referred to. In addition, our solicitor has taken the opportunity to bring the document up to date in terms of Companies Act and OSCR requirements, in particular objectives clauses have been introduced (i.e. new no’s 84 and 85) which restate word for word those presently in the memorandum.

SAC intend to maintain the current membership of the Board of three Councillors. Up to now, the other two places have been occupied by Council senior officials. Changes in the Council’s senior management no longer make this practical from their point of view (basically there are now fewer heads of service etc). The Council is also proposing to enhance the liaison arrangments with Ayrshire Housing both to assist further our day to day joint work and give support to the three Council Board members.

The AH Board is happy to recommend the change to the membership.

Existing and amended articles- Jan 12 EGM

Every tenant is a member of Ayrshire Housing. In addition, we welcome membership from individuals in the wider community who support our work. You can find details here.