Pets make homes

27th September 2012


Ayrshire Housing’s judges have just announced the results of this year’s pet competition.

Organised by our pet access advisor and PR guru Yogi Culzean, this annual event goes from strength to strength.

We are pleased to announce that this year’s awards  reflect the diversity of  our non-human fellow residents.

Much coveted red rosettes  have been awarded to:

  • Lancelot. He’s a Russian Blue Roan Dumbo Fancy rat who lives contentedly in Ayr.
  • Dougal (a Springer Retriever cross) and his rescued Border Collie pal Flash.  They both have a loving home in Maybole.
  • Frosty who is deaf and his kitten companion Poppy. They live happily in a quiet street in Girvan.
  • Sid And Tootsie, a couple of  Greek tortoises who just love the spacious gardens that we provide.

Commendations in the form of yellow rosettes  went to another 8 companion animals including a Moorish Idol Fish!

Yogi  says ” I’m really pleased with the quality of this year’s entrants.  I’m planning to add a new special award for the best rescue animal next year. Tomorrow, I’m attending the office coffee morning which my colleague Caroline Donald is organising  in aid of McMillan Cancer Support. It’ll give me some more ideas for the next of our regular bake-offs that we’re hosting in support of Cats Protection and the ..err.. Dogs Trust.  by the way, Lancelot told me to pass on a link  to a fancy site – enjoy!”