This year’s report to our tenants

30th September 2014





I am delighted to introduce the first of a new style annual report to all our tenants. The Scottish Parliament has set every Registered Social Landlord (RSL) and Council housing department the challenge of guaranteeing quality service. This is set out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter. A key point about the Charter is that landlords are expected to consult with tenants about what is important to them and to agree local targets with them.

Ayrshire Housing has always had the tenants’ interest to the fore. We’re unusual amongst housing associations in giving automatic voting rights to tenants to elect our five tenant Board members. But we recognise that we always need to do better in getting your feedback on the quality of day to day services. So I’m delighted that many of you have volunteered to join our Charter focus group. You will have a key role to ensure that the volunteer Board and our staff do not become complacent.

Looking through the report, we seem to be doing quite well. We do recognise though that we can always do better. At the end of the day, it’s for tenants to say what is “good service” and not just the Board or the association’s workers.

Feel free to contact me personally if you would like to chat about any aspect of Ayrshire Housing’s performance. You could also send me an email.                   

Paul Torrance, Chair


You can read and also download  our Charter Report by clicking on this link to Ayrshire Housing’s 2014 Charter Report.