This year’s charter report to our tenants

28th September 2015


Dear tenant

Welcome to this year’s report on the services that we provide you with.

Like every other housing association and Council housing department, we report on how we are doing against the national standards for housing. These are set out in the Scottish Social Housing Charter adopted by the Scottish Parliament in 2012.

In developing this report, we have worked with a group of interested tenants. So hopefully its content and style should reflect what is important to all our tenants.

I think you will agree that the overall quality of service is very good. This is reflected in the positive feedback that we generally get from you. There is always room for improvement though. For example, we want to increase further the number of repairs done by appointment. We are also working with some of you on improving our online communications.

Ayrshire Housing would also like to hear your ideas on how we can improve the community you live in. We’ve re-launched our Community Grant Fund to help local initiatives. For example, we’ve supported a garden club, a youth sports team and village galas so far.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you would like to chat about any aspect of Ayrshire Housing’s work. Just email me at orleave a message on 01292 880120. I’ll get back to you!

Everyone has received their own copy of the Charter report in the post. You can also view the report here or by clicking on the link below:

Ayrshire Housing Charter Report 2015

With best wishes

Rhonda Leith