of a’ the airts

1st January 2016


A guid new year frae Ayrshire Housing!

To hansel in the New Year with all our tenants and many friends, we’ve sent each a postcard booklet to use over the year.

Six pupils from Ayr’s Kyle Academy helped to make the booklet. They each selected a photograph from their Higher Photography portfolio on the broad theme “of a’ the airts” (of all directions).

The booklet builds on the success of last year’s card project with Kyle Academy. The overall design is by Neil McGuire of After the News.  Hopefully, the individual cards will find uses throughout the year for messages to friends, reminders, bookmarks and on pin boards.

We are also donating once again to the Ayr homelessness initiative Care and Share. Neil has kindly forgone part of his fee to top up Ayrshire Housing’s own contribution.