How are we performing?

30th September 2016


We’ve just sent each of our tenants a report on the quality of the services we are providing to them. The report assesses our performance against the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

Introducing the report to our tenants, Board Chair Rhonda Leith said: “Welcome to this year’s report on our services to you. It tells you how well we are performing against the targets set by the Scottish Parliament in the Social Housing Charter. Overall, we think that we give good value for money for the rent that you pay for your home. This is reflected in the generally excellent feedback that we get from you and your fellow tenants. There is always room for improvement though.

We have agreed the content of this report with a group of interested tenants. So the report concentrates on the areas that they think are important and which need to be developed further. We would welcome your own thoughts on what we can do better or just differently. In the next few months, we will be carrying out a major survey of our tenant views. I hope that you will contribute to this since it will help to make our services even better.

Ayrshire Housing sees itself as very much part of the wider community. I was particularly pleased recently to award the first of our new Building Community Capacity Grants to a varied range of fellow volunteer led groups. We would welcome your own suggestions of groups worthy of our support”.

You can read the full charter report for 2016 here.