Our annual service report to our tenants

5th September 2017


Each year, we send a report to our tenants on the services we provide. This shows whether or not we are complying with the Scottish Social Housing Charter and how we compare with other landlords. Each report is only issued once we have consulted with a group of engaged tenants on its content and format.

Here’s Rhonda Leith our Chair introducing the report:

I am pleased that we are once again providing you with our report on Ayrshire Housing’s performance over the last year.  As always, we have worked hard to maintain and improve the high standard of services which we deliver to our tenants and stakeholders.

I hope that you find this year’s report on the services you receive useful. We have worked hard with a group of supportive tenants to ensure that the information is as clear as possible. We have, for example, highlighted the small number of areas where there is room for improvement as well as giving well deserved credit to our friendly staff team.

I wish to thank all of you who took part in the independent survey of your views at the end of last year. We invested in face to face surveys to give us a clear picture of your satisfaction with the rent that you pay and the services you receive in return. We were pleased to see how much you value Ayrshire Housing as your landlord.

The survey showed an increase in satisfaction levels, for example:

92% of tenants are satisfied with our overall service (an increase from 88% in 2013).
91% of tenants are satisfied with our management of their neighbourhood (an increase from 79% in 2013).
83% of tenants are satisfied with opportunities to participate in our decision making (an increase from 75% in 2013).

We are well aware of the financial pressures on many of you. So we have expanded our money advice service over the year by adding another member of staff.

We continue to invest heavily in our existing stock. I am especially pleased with the transformation of our flats at Rowan Road, Girvan.

We contribute to the communities that you live in by supporting a whole range of worthy projects. Our tenants are at the heart of many of these. I am pleased that over the year we have, for example, supported community gardens and a community run shop in the little village of Barr. So, please keep your suggestions coming in!


You can read the full report here.