Provost commends our work at the AGM

6th September 2017


This evening’s annual general meeting at Ayr’s Savoy Park Hotel was very well attended.

The members were delighted to welcome the Provost of South Ayrshire Council, Helen Moonie. Councillor Moonie said “South Ayrshire Council and Ayrshire Housing have a shared commitment through their partnership to provide yet more affordable housing. I commend the work of the association and wish it every success in the future”.

Chair Rhonda Leith highlighted the excellent findings from the latest independent survey of tenants views. She said “I’m delighted to see that satisfaction has increased over all the indicators from the already exceptionally high levels in the previous survey. Tenants feel they are getting real value for money. These findings however challenge us to maintain and further enhance our services”. Rhonda added that the excellent performance was underpinned by continued financial strength, “Ayrshire Housing is well placed to rise to the challenges ahead for example in terms of welfare reform and continued investment in new housing”.

Following postal ballots of all the association’s tenants and community members, three new Board members were elected. Rhonda said “I’m sad to lose some longstanding colleagues but the interest shown in the elections shows how well we are reckoned both by our tenants and the wider community”.

The new Board members are tenant Pauline Elliot, and community members Gemma Collins and Mike Tomlinson.