How are we doing!

30th September 2018


The Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 introduced the Scottish Social Housing Charter which sets out standards which all housing associations should look to achieve. Each year we supply the Scottish Housing Regulator with information on our progress in meeting the expectations of the Scottish Social Housing Charter.  In addition, we must publish information to our tenants and wider public on how we  perform against these outcomes.

Introducing this year’s Report to our tenants, our Chair Rhonda Leith said:

Welcome to this year’s report to you on our performance. Giving good value for money in return for the rent you pay is the association’s priority. Hopefully, reading this report you will agree that by and large we are doing this.

There is always room for improvement though. I hope that you will think about joining the Tenant Led Scrutiny Group. Recently the Group looked at our repairs service. It thought the service we offer is  generally of a very high standard. They particularly complemented our friendly office staff. At the same time, they came up with several good ideas to make the service even better. We will shortly come back to the Group to tell them how we are going to apply their ideas to our work.

At our recent AGM, I enjoyed meeting many of you as we celebrated fifteen years of Ayrshire Housing. If you are one of our longstanding tenants, you will know that we benefited from the strong roots provided by our predecessors – Carrick Housing Association and South Ayrshire Homes. Building on these we have grown to be one of Ayrshire’s best regarded associations. This has allowed us to expand the range of services we offer and to support wider community activities.

We have some exciting ideas to improve our services still further over the next year or so. I look forward to discussing these with you.

You can read our full report here.