What do you think about our rent proposal?

6th December 2021


We’ve written to all our tenants outlining our proposals for the rents to be charged from 1 April 2022.  Here’s the consultation letter.

We’re now asking everyone to tell us their views.

All the responses will be considered by the Board at its meeting on 23 February when it will finalise its budget and set the rents for the next twelve months.

The Board is suggesting an increase of no more than 4.5% which, for a typical 2 bedroom house, is £4.21 a week. The Board, in making this proposal, is trying hard to reconcile the real financial pressures facing tenants especially at the moment alongside the expectation that services are still delivered to the current high standard. We also need to set aside funds so that our houses are maintained for many years to come.  We also hope to provide new opportunities for applicants on our waiting list and for current tenants who would like a transfer.

This proposal was agreed after full and careful consideration of all the challenges and pressures that the association and many of you are facing. It was not taken lightly. The Board has a responsibility to you to ensure that the association is financially well managed so that we can maintain our stock into the future as well as deliver day to day services.

The Board is conscious that the proposal is substantially more than last year’s figure which was kept as low as possible to reflect the pressures on our tenants from the pandemic. Unfortunately, we are now having to acknowledge and address the increasing price pressures affecting our capacity to deliver services to you.

The Board is equally aware of the economic impact on our tenants as a result of the pandemic in particular. As such, the Board wants to assure you that the association remains focussed on helping and supporting tenants as much as it can. Our team of Housing Officers is there to help tenants who may have difficulty in paying their rent. Their focus is on working alongside tenants and providing them with support and assistance wherever possible. This includes working with other support providers and agencies who provide invaluable help to many of our tenants facing difficulties.

We also have a dedicated Money Advice service which is there whenever advice and help is needed. The Money Advice Officers are experienced in helping tenants maximise their incomes and provide direct support to access all eligible benefits. They have helped many tenants who were not aware of what they were entitled to.

During this year and next the association is planning to spend over £6 million on repairs, maintenance and improvement works to our houses. This level of spending is dependent on us having the required rental income.

Please take the time to read the Board’s proposal and make your views known in any of the following ways:-

  • By completing the survey that you have been sent. There’s another copy below.
  • Completing the online survey here.
  • By writing to the association.
  • By emailing your views to info@ayrshirehousing.org.uk
  • By speaking to your Housing Officer and asking for your views to be passed on.
  • By posting your comments on our Facebook page.
  • By commenting using your My Home account.

If you provide your contact details you will be entered into a prize draw for one of five £25 shopping vouchers. The closing date for responses is Friday 4 February 2022.

Your views will be reported to the Board and we will write to you no later than 1 March 2022 advising as to what your rent charge will be from 1 April 2022.

Consultation Survey