Listening to our tenants

25th May 2023


Every three years, we commission an independent survey of our tenants’ views on the quality of our services and whether they represent value for money.

The latest survey carried out at the end of 2022 was chance to gauge satisfaction as we get services back to pre-Covid levels.

  •  83% of tenants are satisfied with the overall service that they receive. This is down 6% from our previous survey in 2019. We will be working to improve our services and will be working closely with our tenants on this.
  • 88% of tenants are satisfied that they are kept informed about our services and decisions. This has slightly fallen in comparison to 2019. We are continually looking at ways to improve communication with our tenants and will continue to develop these.
  • 82% of tenants said that they were satisfied with the opportunities to participate in decision making. There has been a drop in this level of satisfaction and we will be reviewing this further.
  • 80% of tenants are satisfied with the quality of their home. This is slightly below the Scottish average.
  • 80% of tenants were satisfied with repairs carried out in the last year, this is lower than reported in 2019. The last 3 years have been challenging in many ways but we are committed to ensuring that our services resume fully to pre-Covid levels.
  • 83% of tenants have said they are satisfied with the contribution of Ayrshire Housing to the management of the neighbourhood. This is a positive result and exceeds the Scottish average.
  • 74% of tenants felt that their rent provides good value for money. This is a fall from
    2019 (86%). This is an area that we want to focus on to ensure that our rents
    continue to be affordable.

How are we responding?

The survey has helped us identify areas we need to review and improve on to ensure that our  key services such as repairs and maintenance are delivered to the highest standard. We are always keen to hear tenants’ views as this helps us shape our current and future services.

You can see the full report and previous ones here.