Widening our support to our tenants and the community

19th July 2023


We pride ourselves in being a tenant and community run housing association. We have supported community and tenant initiatives since we started.

Over the past year we have made The Local a key community venue in Ayr and continued to support financially and practically a wide range of community groups. These included OShays Brain Domain, Harbour Ayrshire, schools projects, and groups working to enhance further their neighbourhoods.

Building on our tenancy and homeless support work during the pandemic, we have attracted grants of over £120,000 to reduce hardship amongst our tenants and the wider community. With these, have funds and continue to fund:

  • Winter packs which include air fryers, duvets, indoor clothes dryers and slow cookers.
  • Fuel assistance payments and vouchers.
  • Medical equipment energy payments.
  • Love Local and other gift cards.
  • Support for Seascape’s homelessness work and to South Ayrshire Women’s Aid.

These initiatives have helped to enhance further the work of our in-house money advice team and the quality of our engagement with our tenants.

We are committed to expanding this work.