Fair Work First – working with us


Ayrshire Housing  employs 35 relaxed but hard working and committed individuals. We are based in a bright, modern office incorporating The Local close to the centre of Ayr. It is fully wheelchair accessible.

We are focused on making Ayrshire Housing a stimulating and pleasant place to work. We are committed to equal opportunities and to the professional development of all our workers. We continue to build on our Healthy Working Live award.

Most years we go on a field trip. These have taken us to the islands of Arran and Bute, and to Glasgow to see the work of other housing associations. We have also visited the Scottish Parliament as the guest of  an Ayrshire MSP. Alternatively, we go on stock tours around Ayrshire combined with visits to places of interest, most recently Alex Begg’s weaving mill and Dundonald Castle. These events are an opportunity for all the staff to meet our volunteer Board members. Every two years, we jointly hold a public housing conference to bring together housing association volunteers and staff from across Ayrshire and beyond.

Building on our successful home working during the Covid pandemic, we introduced agile working for everyone. Our ICT resources work seamlessly whether it’s at home, in the field or the conventional office. We hold regular staff events combined with lunch and chat to ensure that everyone still has a chance to be fully engaged. Our Board members often join us for these.

We offer excellent employment terms. We are  party to the sectoral collective bargaining agreement between  Employers in Voluntary Housing (EVH) and Unite the Union. We also offer generous defined benefits pensions through both the Scottish Housing Associations Pension Scheme and the Strathclyde Pension Fund. We are party to the EVH/Unite Fair Work First statement. We have always paid above the Living Wage Foundation’s “Real Living Wage” including for any apprentices and other trainees. We don’t use agency staff. We are committed to engaging with our workers through both our relationship with Unite and a people centred management style. We are focused on ensuring staff are heard and develop through one-to-one and team meetings. Regular independent surveys of staff views and their ideas for improvement support this. You can see all our key human resource policies, Fair Work First evidence and staff surveys here.

We always advertise vacancies publicly. If you want to be kept informed of up and coming jobs with us and other housing associations, register with the e-mail alert service at EVH.

You can see all our vacancies in  our news feed and on our social media.