Our Board and Senior Management

George has experience in the residential property market and home improvements. First joined the Board in 2023.
George Bain
Tenant member
Amanda is a part-time access advisor. First joined the Board in 2019. Reappointed in 2021. Joint Vice-Chair since 2022
Amanda Bryan
Tenant member
Georgina is a student and carer. First joined the Board in 2014. Reappointed in 2023.
Georgina Dawson
Tenant member
Rae is a retired civil servant and also worked in HR and local government in New Zealand. First joined the Board in 2023.
Rae Middleton
Tenant member
Marcus is qualified in games development. He joined the Board in 2022.
Marcus Tindal
Tenant member
Gemma is a trained Domestic Energy Assessor and Green Deal Adviser. She also has a keen interest in community development and training initiatives. First joined the Board in 2017. Reappointed 2023.
Gemma Collins
Community member
Alice’s background is in the care sector. She has managed two homeless hostels. She was re-elected to the Board in September 2023.
Alice Craig
Community member
Rhonda is North Ayrshire Council's Head of Service (Connected Communities). First joined the Board in 2009. Reappointed 2021. Joint Vice-Chair since 2019
Rhonda Leith
Community member
Simon has worked as a Knowledge Exchange Fellow at the University of Strathclyde and for the Energy Agency in Ayr. First joined the Board in 2015. Chair since 2019.
Simon Leslie
Community member
Robert is Professor Emeritus of Government and Public Policy at the University of the West of Scotland. First joined the Board in 2017. Reappointed 2023.
Robert Pyper
Community member
Mike is a retired town planner with 30 years’ experience in the housebuilding industry. He is active in number of community initiatives in Prestwick. First joined the Board in 2017. Reappointed 2022.
Mike Tomlinson
Community member
Lesley-Anne is a chartered accountant. She has held senior positions with two other associations and in the wider charity sector. She joined us in February 2023.
Lesley-Anne Junner
Caroline has worked for us since 1999 in a variety of roles. She leads on performance reporting, governance support and internal audit.
Caroline Donald
Head of Performance and Corporate Services
Jennifer previously worked in senior posts for two other housing associations. She joined us in 2022.
Jennifer McCann
Head of Housing and Communities
We're in the final stages of recruiting a replacement for the much respected former postholder, Alan Park.
We're about to appoint a new
Head of Finance
Carine is a property professional who has worked in both the private and public sectors. She joined us in 2022.
Carine Strain
Head of Property and Development