General Publications

We occasionally produce and support publications and films aimed at those with a general or professional interest in housing and design. You can also see our tenant satisfaction and project evaluation reports here.

This is both a souvenir of the Constellation installation at the Citadel in Ayr and a guide to other organisations who may be considering commissioning public art linked to a wider social purpose.
by Stephen Hurrell
This research considers tenants’ reactions to the Constellation public art project two years after its installation. It found that whilst many tenants were ambivalent or even negative, most considered it a familiar part of the landscape which they would not like to lose.
“Constellation”: Public Art in the Citadel
by V L Pollock and J Sharp
The mural at The Local and our office explained.
Our Murals
by Recoat
The story of the puffer that features on The Local's gable mural.
The Puffer Kaffir
by Professor Elaine W McFarland
The regeneration project was about more than just housing. It aimed to ensure that the impact of an initial £16 million investment extended to the wider Lochside community. The People and Place initiative created an exciting series of projects to give the community a real say.
Lochside in Ayr
Building Successful Communities
this illustrated report describes how residents in Lochside Ayr were able to have a real say in the development of planned openspaces and to set down the aspirations for the development of the wider neighbourhood.
Community Spaces in Lochside
by Placemaking Scotland
At an early stage in the Lochside regeneration project, Fablevision in association with a team of young people produced this short film. As part of the People and Place initiative, it recorded residents’ feelings about the area now and their hopes for the future.
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Lochside People and Place
A film by Lochside's young people
This project provides real construction industry career opportunities for disadvantaged young people. Here is an overview and PDZ Consulting’s independent evaluation of its first three years.
What is Access Construction Ayrshire?
An evaluation
This booklet outlines the challenges that Ayrshire Housing faced over ten years to transform a redundant Listed church building into modern housing. The design by ARPL architects created a varied mix of new housing behind the retained main gable and tower of the original 1950s building.
New Life for a Former Cathedral
Finding a new role
Produced in conjunction with the SFHA, this booklet gives an overview of the work of Ayrshire Housing in words and pictures.
Committed to Ayrshire
A review of our work
This survey of Ayrshire Housing’s tenants shows very high levels of satisfaction and, importantly in terms of current debates, suggests that the majority view “social housing” in a positive light.
Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2005
by David Brooks
This follow on report to the 2005 survey confirms growing levels of satisfaction with the services offered by Ayrshire Housing. The majority of tenants continue to see the service offered as representing good value for money.
Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2010
by David Brooks
This the third survey by Dr Brooks shows continuing very high levels of satisfaction amongst the association’s tenants. Again most tenants see renting from Ayrshire Housing in a very positive light.
Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2013
by David Brooks
The report shows increased levels of satisfaction from the previous study and very positive views on value for money.
Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2016
by Alan Kennedy
An independent survey of our tenants' satisfaction with our services.
Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2019
by Alan Kennedy
A post-Covid assessment of satisfaction levels.
Tenant Satisfaction Survey 2022
By Alan Kennedy
This research demonstrates that conventional waiting lists tend to under-play the demands for rented housing in rural areas. It aids discussion about how applicants might make more informed choices and express their housing preferences.
Housing Needs in Rural Ayrshire
by E A Mooney & K McKenzie
Produced with Ailsa Horizons and the Carrick Community Councils' Forum, this joint study considers housing demand and new delivery models.
Opportunities for the Development of New Housing Projects in Carrick
This evaluates a prototype energy efficiency scheme. It confirmed substantial energy savings but notes the need to ensure that systems are as straightforward as possible and end-users are fully briefed on their operation.
Sunspace Augmented Ventilation
by John Currie
This report compares the performance of and user engagement with air source heat pumps against alternative energy efficiency measures.
Air Source Heat Pumps
by John Currie
A consideration of the heating and ventilation options for 1950's houses off the gas grid.
Heating Options for non-gas houses
by John Currie
This follow on study demonstrates the benefits in value for money and comfort levels.
Retrofitting ASHPs
By John Currie
Demonstrates the benefits of careful detailng in retrofit works.
Refurbishment of 1960's flats
A Hab-Lab project
Assessing the comfort improvements following refurbishment of the Rowan Road flats.
Post-Occupancy Evaluation - Girvan
A Hab-Lab project
Demonstrates the high performance and comfort achieved.
Evaluation of the Cross Gait flats
A Hab-Lab project