Get Ready for Universal Credit

Find out about the new benefits system here.


Facts about Universal Credit (UC)

  • A working age benefit to replace existing benefits including Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.
  • When you claim UC all your old benefits will stop.
  • Universal Credit may not be right for you. If you wish to discuss this please contact our money advice team.
  • You will receive one monthly payment. This will include an element for your rent.
  • You will normally have to wait 5 weeks before getting your first payment – this can lead to arrears of rent.

You can find full information about Universal Credit including including who should apply here.

What can I do to prepare?

  • Pay extra rent to cover delays in UC payment.
  • Know how much your rent is.
  • Have a working bank account.
  • Have an email address and know how to get online.
  • Read your tenant newsletter for updates and keep us up to date about your household.

What do I do when I have to apply for UC?

  • Contact us as soon as you apply. This will help you get support and prevent any issues with your claim.