Managed Estates

Ayrshire Housing took over the management of the South Ayrshire estates of Scottish Homes (formerly the Scottish Special Housing Association) in 1999. In these estates, all the owners are responsible for the common landscaping not the Council.

We  manage estates with 1160 houses in Ayr , Dailly, Dundonald, Girvan and Troon. You can see the specific areas here.

Services vary from estate to estate but generally include grass cutting, hedge, shrub and woodland maintenance, weed control and litter picking.

If you have bought your house through the former right-to-buy scheme, you are obliged through your title deeds to contribute to the cost of maintaining these areas. This obligation passes to each subsequent owner. You should note that each proprietor is responsible for the maintenance of all the landscaped areas in their estate irrespective of whether or not these are close to their own home.

We aim to keep our charges to a level which just covers our costs. Once a year you will receive a bill. These charges are verified by a consultant landscape architect. You can pay online.

If you have any complaints or comments please get in touch with us. You can also view our debt recovery procedure here.

If you are thinking of buying a house in one of our managed estates, you should check with the seller’s solicitor that payments to their factoring account are up-to-date. Otherwise, you will become liable for the arrears of the seller. Ask your solicitor to contact us if there is any doubt.

Our Scottish Property Factor Register ID is PF000260.