You can ask to move to another one of our houses if this would suit your circumstances better.

We will try to help if your present home no longer meets your housing needs or your current circumstances.  For example, you may need a larger house because your family has grown or one more suited to a medical condition.

There may also be other reasons for wanting to move, such as to be closer to work, or to receive or provide support from or to a relative.

‘Apply here’ button

The easiest way to apply is to use our online application form. This also allows you to apply for a house with South Ayrshire Council if you wish.

You can also telephone, write, e-mail or call into our office to get an application form. You can also download one here together with the linked information booklet.

Irrespective how you wish to apply, our Lettings Officers will be delighted to assist:

Joan Calderwood – 01292 885571

Ann Tosh – 01292 885578